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              英文版English中文版Chinese   SitemapHello, welcome to visit Placker CNC Machinery Co., ltd. !

              Numerical control planer

              CNC bending machine

              1Company strength

            1. The company uses German technology, with dozens of imported high precision processing equipment.
            2. Professional R & D, production and sales of high-end CNC sheet metal processing equipment, such as CNC bending machine, CNC milling machine, etc..
            3. Strictly according to ISO9001:2008 (by the German TUV certification) quality management system checks every production link.
            4. 2Product quality and characteristics

            5. Placker gouging machine than similar models more efficient, more stable.
            6. Placker CNC machinery precise, accurate, Seiko production quality, suitable for different types of products of high difficulty of sheet metal material processing needs.
            7. Placker slider repeat precision bending machine and parallel precision can reach 0.01mm.
            8. CNC machine notch with European Industrial CNC system, accurate positioning accuracy.
            9. The numerical control system uses the international famous brand.
            10. 3After sale service guarantee

            11. Perfect distribution and installation system.
            12. Debug and train operator for operation and maintenance.
            13. Uninterrupted service commitment: Guangzhou area 8 hours, 24 hours in the Pearl River Delta area maintenance services (except for special cases)
            14. Tel:020-82001812
            15. More>>Honor customer
              More>>About us

              Guangzhou Placker CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is the German PLACKE company in China&#39;s investment in the production of CNC bending machine, CNC guillotine shearing machine, CNC router only enterprise. Professional R & D, production and sales of high-grade CNC sheet metal processing equipment. With perfect quality, exquisite technology, high-end configuration, quality service to win the trust and support of our customers, and has become an ideal choice for Chinese users. Adhere to allow users to buy rest assured, with the idea of fun. Company purpose: continuous improvement, scientific and technological innovation. Company principle: quality first, service first. Company is located in Guangzh... 【View details】

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            17. [2019-08-30]【數控折彎機】闡述不同的折彎機的操作方法
            18. [2019-07-31]【數控折彎機】對稱三輥卷板機上彎卷筒體直邊環保型方法
            19. [2019-05-09]新型電液同步數控折彎機速度快精度高
            20. More>>Technology
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